• Our services are available in different formats, which you can mix and match.


We assess your situation and you take home practical, immediately implementable goals.


This detailed and personalised plan of action includes remote follow-up.


Personalised coaching lasting weeks up to months.

First-class Classic

Personalised coaching as long and intensive as necessary, up to and including a full kitchen make-over.

The little extras
that mean so much

  • Videoconferencing as necessary or desired
  • Keep in touch by messaging between appointments
  • Personalised hand-outs
  • Lab measurements of body composition and energy expenditure
  • Collaboration with a team of physiotherapists and sports coaches.

Lively lectures
and talks

MK-Nutrition also offers lectures and talks, sharing the results of scientific research with you in a simple (though never simplistic) and interactive way. From the latest scientific advances, we draw the practical tips you can apply immediately.

Here are some examples.

Basic rate: 180.- CHF per hour. Services will be specified and agreed upon in advance. Payment after invoicing (electronic and cash)