Is Covid fattening?

Maintenance of weight loss

A recent British study shows that the empty supermarket shelves at the start of the CoVid-19 epidemic were less the result of panic buying by a few egoists than the consequence of a moderate increase in provisioning by a very large number of people. It seems we all looked ahead and sensibly decided to stock […]

Junkfood add weight

Maintenance of weight loss

What do we call foods composed mostly of sugar and saturated fats, with no real nutrients to speak of? Ultra Processed Foods (UPF) is an attempt at neutral naming, but Junkfood is actually a very fair description of these worthless or even harmful foodstuffs, with their potentially heavy impact on cardiovascular health. But this post […]

Ever slimming, never slim?

Maintenance of weight loss

We all know someone who has lost weight, maybe a lot of weight, and who is succeeding in keeping it down – though maybe we don’t yet know who that person is. It may take a chance conversation or a random find on social media to discover what he or she looked like “before”. Saying […]

Our good friend Spirulina?

Sports Nutrition

As promised, here is some news about Spirulina. Spirulina is a biomass of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) which can be consumed by humans and animals, and which yields a food supplement much valued by athletes. Commercially, Spirulina is booming : in China, production took a 226% leap in 7 years, reaching 62’300 tons in 2010, according […]

Micronutrient supplements, often useless, sometimes necessary.

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If you are health-conscious, you may be one of the large number of people who take a micronutrient pill with their morning coffee or tea. In the USA, some 77% of adults do, powering a 125 billion dollar market (2018) . No statistical data are available for Switzerland, but a quick look with any search […]

Yo-yo dieting: not so bad?

Maintenance of weight loss

You know about “yo-yo dieting”? The weight lost in dieting is regained afterwards, sometimes with a bit extra. Scientists call it “weight cycling”, many overweight people call it a nightmare. People who have done several weight-loss diets (serial dieters) have on average a higher weight than people who have dieted only once, or never. By […]

Does one use up less energy after losing weight?

Maintenance of weight loss

One question I often get asked is “Can weight regain after a diet be explained by a lowered metabolic rate?” The short answer is: “No, not systematically”. In other words: “Usually not, though it can happen in some rare cases”. And yet, how often we’ve heard it repeated: “after you lose weight, your body goes […]